About Us

JOST & Co’s raison d’être

JOST & Co is built on the foundations of a relationship steeped in over a decade of study, work and play.

JOST & Co was born when a duo with deep consulting experience questioned the ‘classic’ way of doing things.

We are leaders in the gig economy

After 20+ years of hard work, we each found ourselves struggling with the juggling.

Turns out senior roles, long weeks, an evolving workforce, kids, and passions outside of the office don’t mix very well. We found that we shared the same frustrations, and so did most people we spoke to.

So we questioned what we were doing. We decided that we wanted to be leaders in the gig economy – to live and breathe the future way of work.

After many conversations and many coffees, we gathered the gumption to do it differently. JOST & Co is our answer, and we’re excited about the difference we can make.

When faced with a new challenge or agenda, you need a team to complement yours. Not a rigid framework, but a varied arsenal and team that can offer value to HRDs, Executives, Managers and CEOs alike – because we believe that by partnering with you, we can achieve great things together.

People, the world and business pique our curiosity. We’re quick to ask questions and solve them. And last but not least, we make it a priority to have fun along the way.

Because who wouldn’t want to work with people you really enjoy being around?

When deep experience meets the down-to-earth, that’s where the magic happens.

That’s the JOST & Co way.