Meet the Josters


We bring a tailored, practical and balanced approach to our work with you. The power of JOST rests in our respective specialities in change and organisational psychology, underpinned by a commercial knowledge and pure business acumen.
This sets us apart.
Stella Voules MAPS GAICD
Director & Co-CEO
A psychologist, public speaker, published thought leader and senior HR professional with extensive management, board and consulting experience, Stella is as adaptable as they come.

Strategic thinking, creativity and strong execution has seen her excel across industries in both the private and public sector, with a broad and multipronged skill set playing a leading role.

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Expect a keen analytical eye, sound judgment, a down-to-earth perspective with a balanced world-view. Pragmatic and robust solutions are Stella’s specialty.

A passion for learning and a love for coaching others elegantly compliments her business acumen, because as she always says, life’s too short to not enjoy a good coffee with someone you can learn from.

Jo Billing GAICD
Director & Co-CEO
A veteran and pioneer of organisational change as we know it today, Jo has worked in the change management industry for almost 20 years across a vast span of industries, countries and cultures.

With a genuine love and curiosity for understanding and motivating people, she has developed and delivered a multitude of methodologies and leadership development courses throughout her esteemed career.

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Whether it be for management consultancies, multinationals or independent contracting, Jo has consistently established innovative ways to increase client engagement and unleash the true potential of their leaders.

Her nurturing and optimistic attitude fuels a genuine love and curiosity for people. That’s why our clients always feel so safe in her caring and capable hands.

& Co. – The Team

Our network, collaborators and partners are our secret sauce. A handpicked, expert team for each assignment. Here’s a taste of talent to grace our work, current and past.
Silvia Regos
Strategic Advisor and Coach

Senior commercial people advisor with a passion for developing high performing leaders and teams. An executive and business coach expertly developing strong business capability and high performance in senior leaders and their teams. Former leader at IBM & EY.

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As a company founder herself, Silvia loves to work with entrepreneurs to help them lead, scale and grow their businesses.
Sue Hurly
Organisation Design and Change Guru

Sue is an accomplished, strategically focused and tertiary qualified Organisation Design, Development and Change Practitioner, with a human resources background.

Sue has considerable experience working with senior management teams (including Boards & CEOs) across multiple industries in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.

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Her success and credibility have come from using strong strategic thinking, diagnostic and analytical skills. Sue has a track record in designing and implementing transformation pathways to resolve complex and systemic organisational problems, through bringing both an operational and governance perspective to the challenges organisations face.

She has also led multifaceted change projects on time and within budget whilst engaging key stakeholders to obtain their ownership of the outcomes. Sue works in a highly consultative manner to unlock the untapped expertise & knowledge within the organisation to resolve complex issues.

Jennifer Dew
Improvement Expert, Process Analyst and Gun Consultant

A black-belt Six Sigma expert, with years of consulting experience under her belt from Corporate Social Responsibility to process improvement to strategy reviews.
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Jenn’s highly engaging and competent approach has a significant impact on any project she is involved in.
Heidi Lynch
HR all rounder and OD expert

Heidi is a senior HR professional with over 15 years’ experience in both generalist and specialist roles. She has worked in large, multinational corporates (GE, Orica) as well as boutique consultancies delivering results through people.

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Heidi’s key strengths are in leadership coaching, change management and organisational development. She has significant experience in operating and driving change across local and enterprise-wide organisational structures and navigating complex and shifting networks in implementing change programs including people, culture and systems change to build organisational capability and enhance business effectiveness. Heidi loves working with Senior Leadership Teams to help drive business performance through their people, implementing and improving the behavioural expectations of leaders and aligning individuals ’performance to achieve business and organisational goals.

Fleur Mouchemore
Learning and Development, Facilitator and Coach

Fleur is a qualified and experienced learning and organisational development professional with a passion for supporting resilience, wellbeing and leadership development.

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She has 12+ years of experience in the learning and organisational development field across a diverse industry base including local government, oil and gas, manufacturing, retail, IT, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, health, community service and construction. Skilled and experienced in coaching and facilitation both in-person and virtually. Fleur has coached over 300 leaders from emerging to executive level. Fleur has also lead teams in customer service and L&OD.

Fleur has strong experience with credentialed learning methodologies that support adult learning. She has designed and facilitated a broad range of professional development programs in her career including resilience and wellbeing, emotional intelligence, managing teams, leader as coach, self-management, time management, change management, innovation, hybrid working, presenting for impact and conflict resolution.

Sharon Elliott
All rounder P&C Consultant

Sharon has extensive experience working in HR and recruitment roles with blue chip organisations, and an in-depth knowledge of HR processes and procedures and a proven track record of providing support to senior managers.

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Her experience includes the Development and revision of HR policy and procedure documents and templates including position descriptions, employment contracts and new starter induction manuals; End-to-end recruitment from initial job analysis to onboarding; Development of staff training guides and materials; Experience in supporting organisational change processes and restructures; Knowledge and experience of employment law frameworks.

Nick Perera
Data Analytics

Talented graduate, a technology guru with a passion for analytics. Proven strengths in customer service, teamwork and problem solving. Loves to play with and analyse client data to provide deep insights, and double caps with internal company analysis and IT support services.

Felicity Steele
Graphic Designer

Felicity has been a graphic designer for over a decade and has extensive experience working with corporate clients to visually represent their brand successfully.

Nathan Steele
Project Coordinator

Working as our Project Coordinator across a range of our teams, Nathan helps ensure our projects are tracked and completed, on time and on budget. With a background across several industries (including Sports Licensing and Paper Merchant) and a strong capability to work as part of a team, Nathan is well equipped to support our team of consultants and experts to achieve our clients goals.
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Nathan has a Bachelor of Business (Sport Management), as well as completing the Harvard Business School – Credential of Readiness (CORe).

Rahul Prem
Content Writer and IT whiz

Rahul is passionate about cutting edge technology and creative writing, allowing him to work with a mix of both creative and logical thinking. He worked as an Interface Engineer for 2.5 years with Cerner Corporation, while also pursuing script writing and Theatre on weekends. He is currently pursuing a Master of Information Technology course at Deakin University.

In The Spotlight

Get to know the JOSTers

Kirsten Campbell, Senior Principal Consultant

Kirsten Campbell, Senior Principal Consultant

I’m passionate about designing public sector institutions that deliver positive social impact with integrity. I love approaching wicked problems from a new angle, and adapting thought leadership and new ways of working for a complex, governance-rich environment.

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Nick Perera, Project Analyst

Nick Perera, Project Analyst

I have a deep passion for data analytics and love being able to provide data insights to help clients positively impact their business. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing…

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Fleur Mouchemore, Senior Consultant

Fleur Mouchemore, Senior Consultant

I am passionate about learning and leadership development, and about supporting wellbeing and resilience. I love learning. I’m also fulfilled by sharing what I’ve discovered with others…

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Jo Billing, Co-CEO

Jo Billing, Co-CEO

I’m passionate about people – both growing our team of amazing JOSTers within a culture they love, and helping our clients to become better leaders. I’m a consultant at heart. My professional journey…

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Sue Hurly, Principal Consultant

Sue Hurly, Principal Consultant

As an Organisation Design, Development and Change Practitioner, who has a human resources background, it probably won’t be surprising that I am passionate about helping organisations become better workplaces…

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Stella Voules, Co-CEO

Stella Voules, Co-CEO

I love it when we leave our clients in a better place – when we’ve helped them solve an issue and encouraged them to think differently. Those moments also mean we’ve found important, fun work for our team…

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Barry Denham, Principal Consultant

Barry Denham, Principal Consultant

I love working across change management and organisational design and development. I’m also passionate about environmental sustainability and social justice, which is one of the reasons…

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The Collaborative Partners

The strength of our collaborative network means we partner with talented experts in a range of specialties:
Amber Brodecky
Managing Director, Comme Consulting
A specialist crisis and issues manager, Amber Brodecky is known as a trusted advisor and reputation manager.
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With more than 15 years public sector experience, a broad working knowledge of the private sector and inter-organisational relationships; Amber’s experience spans the emergency management, regulation, infrastructure, health and environment sectors.

Amber held a key leadership role for the State of Victoria during Australia’s largest emergency, Black Saturday, for which she was awarded a National Emergency Medal by the Prime Minister.

She has a record of achievement in delivering integrated strategies and plans targeted at complex stakeholder and public issues, and led Australia’s first successful negotiations for all commercial radio stations to become emergency broadcasters.

Amber has assumed key roles on a wide range of independent government inquiries, and has held central and senior roles in response to a broad range of high profile events and emergencies.

She has worked across local, State and Federal governments, in multi-jurisdictional and national environments, closely with political offices and extensively with media.

Amber is a strong advocate for the importance of active and empowered communities and has engaged directly with hundreds of regional and metropolitan community members in emotive, robust and complex situations.

A leader and senior manager of large teams, Amber has an extensive network of successful relationships at the most senior levels.

Sandy Hutchison
CEO, Career Money Life
Founder and Director of “Career Money Life”, Sandy is a true believer of empowering staff in a new world of work.
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She’s passionate about people, women and diversity, and has over 25 years’ experience in the corporate world – having managed HR and employee initiatives across Australia and the Asia Pacific. Sandy works with us to share her insights and connect us in with her extensive network.
Kate Pacalt-Shady
Founder, Marketing in Focus
Kate’s professional energy and attitude, high organisational skills, logical and lateral thinking, and warm and collaborative approach, is what separates Kate from others and recommends her as an extremely effective and valuable partner for your business.
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Kate hits the ground running. She has the ability to digest the brief and get your organisation where it needs to go, efficiently. Kate grasps key business drivers and understands complex interactions which drive superior marketing performance. There are no cutting corners with Kate, her strategic work is highly focused, effective and thorough.

Kate has a reputation for being a strategic trouble shooter. She possesses experience across a variety of cross industry marketing disciplines, her expertise being in concept realisation, streamlining, strategic business development and market growth. Utilising various methods Kate will get rid of the grey, provide clarity on marketing and business priorities, identify emerging markets for sustainability and market growth, pinpoint any financial and operational impediments, and develop and implement effective marketing solutions. Kate will make your business thrive.

Dr Josephine Palermo
Director, Geared for Growth
Transformation in organisations and communities is Josephine’s passion. She has vast experience in leadership and organisational change, having delivered millions of dollars of productivity gains across public and private sectors, and significant increases in employee engagement and customer satisfaction.
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Skilled in re-designing jobs and organisations, and executing on change required to align mindsets and behaviours, recent achievements include the phased implementation of agile at scale for Telstra across various teams, and job re-design for Orica Manufacturing. Having worked in Higher Education quality assurance at a national level, and consulted for various government departments, she is also aware of the driving forces and challenges within statutory authorities.

With a PhD in Organisational Psychology and numerous publications in areas of organisational development, change, coaching and leadership, Josephine uses an informed, energetic and hands on approach to create lasting change in people, processes, and total systems. Her deep knowledge and ability to quickly assess the root cause of issues is coupled with expert facilitation and stakeholder management, which makes working with Josephine both inspiring and effortless.

Andrew Mellor and
Trina Welsh
Directors and Co-founders, CreateBig

CreateBig: Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Using smart, elegant, and intuitive design principles, we simplify the complex and redefine your relationship with data.


Even co-CEOs sometimes get stuck. We’ve backed ourselves up with a strategic advisory committee who keep the wheels turning and the pistons firing:
Dr Prasuna Reddy
With an inspiring background, and some seriously impressive accreditations to match, Prasuna is more than qualified to keep us on the right track.
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She is a Visiting Professor in the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London; and Director of Australian Health Resources, an applied health and organisational development consultancy.

Prasuna recently completed the Women’s Leadership Program at Oxford University, the Corporate Director program at the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and an 8-month sabbatical in the Centre for Implementation Science, King’s College London.

She has an exceptionally strong history of executive leadership in both academic and health services organisational settings. Her previous and current roles as Executive Director of university research centres, non-executive director board positions, and senior leadership positions have strengthened her skills and experience in people management, strategy, policy, stakeholder engagement, financial management and organisational development. These include Director of Organisational Psychology professional programs at University of Melbourne, Clinical Professor at Deakin University School of Medicine, Professor and Director of Research at Flinders University Faculty of Medicine and Public Health, Professor and Director of a rural research centre at University of Newcastle Faculty of Medicine.

Antoney Wilkinson
Antoney Wilkinson is an experienced global executive and senior level counselor with experience across broad based communications, culture, operational and organisational change and transformation spanning global regions, the public and private sectors.
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For the last 18 years he has led multi-disciplined teams and complex agendas for one of the worlds most admired companies, respected brands and great places to work.

With superior capability across every communications discipline he is an innovator who has developed successful strategies, plans and narratives, delivered executions, instituted measurement and built tools, processes and entire systems in support of local, regional, divisional and global business plans, acquisitions, transformations, culture and change.

His passion lies at the intersection of internal communications, culture and change where he is able to use his significant experience and know-how in bringing these key ingredients together to support an organisations brand, reputation and overall business agenda. He does this by building valuable and sustainable communications and culture systems that deliver high ROI.

Growing and optimising engaged, accountable and resilient cultures is a specialty for him that has been tried and tested in Profit Improvements, Voluntary Buyouts, Organisational Change, Acquisitions and Integrations and major Issues and Crisis situations.

He is firm believer in workplace to marketplace and that you have to win internally to succeed externally.


Mithran Doraisamy
Previous Advisor
Amy Poynton
Previous Advisor


Then there’s stuff we’re just not experts in. Or even that good at….
For these things, these gun teams step in for us:
Red Crayon
Our super slick design crew
Bell Creative
Strategic Creative