Meet the Josters


We bring a tailored, practical and balanced approach to our work with you. The power of JOST rests in our respective specialities in change and organisational psychology, underpinned by a commercial knowledge and pure business acumen.

This sets us apart.

Stella Voules MAPS GAICD
Director & Co-CEO

A psychologist, public speaker, published thought leader and senior HR professional with extensive management, board and consulting experience, Stella is as adaptable as they come.

Strategic thinking, creativity and strong execution has seen her excel across industries in both the private and public sector, with a broad and multipronged skill set playing a leading role.

Expect a keen analytical eye, sound judgment, a down-to-earth perspective with a balanced world-view. Pragmatic and robust solutions are Stella’s specialty.

A passion for learning and a love for coaching others elegantly compliments her business acumen, because as she always says, life’s too short to not enjoy a good coffee with someone you can learn from.

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Jo Billing GAICD
Director & Co-CEO

A veteran and pioneer of organisational change as we know it today, Jo has worked in the change management industry for almost 20 years across a vast span of industries, countries and cultures.

With a genuine love and curiosity for understanding and motivating people, she has developed and delivered a multitude of methodologies and leadership development courses throughout her esteemed career.

Whether it be for management consultancies, multinationals or independent contracting, Jo has consistently established innovative ways to increase client engagement and unleash the true potential of their leaders.

Her nurturing and optimistic attitude fuels a genuine love and curiosity for people. That’s why our clients always feel so safe in her caring and capable hands.

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& Co. – The Team

Our network, collaborators and partners are our secret sauce. A handpicked, expert team for each assignment. Here’s a taste of talent to grace our work, current and past.

Melissa Troy | Management Consultant | JOST and Co

Melissa Troy
Principal Consultant

Melissa has extensive sales and service leadership experience gained with over 25 years in a variety of industries including, health, finance, fitness, FMCG, logistics, hospitality, telecommunications, human resource consulting.

She is highly motivated and passionate about making a difference and delivering solutions and insights to achieve outstanding customer service that improves the overall ‘people experience’– of employees and internal stakeholders as well as customers, consumers and patients.

Melissa has worked in government and private sector roles including management of large diverse teams, major change and continuous improvement projects as well as consulting in the areas of organisational and leadership effectiveness.

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Debra Howe Change Management Leader

Debra Howe
Strategy, Communications and Change Guru

Deb is an expert communicator who has an uncanny ability to make complex ideas clear, simple and meaningful. 

She is well respected within the industry for her ability to quickly adapt and understand the unique challenges organisations face in times of transition. She is a change leader with 15 years of experience helping employees successfully navigate their change journeys.

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Jennifer Dew profile picture

Jennifer Dew
Improvement Expert, Process Analyst and Gun Consultant

A black-belt Six Sigma expert, with years of consulting experience under her belt from Corporate Social Responsibility to process improvement to strategy reviews. 

Jenn’s highly engaging and competent approach has a significant impact on any project she is involved in.

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Nicole Saines Human Resources Specialist

Nicole Saines
HR and Transformational Change Instructor

Nicole believes in creating environments that inspire people and businesses to perform at their best

She has a special ability to help organisations thrive in challenging situations by identifying opportunities for talent development, performance management, employee relations, coaching, facilitation and change management. Nicole is pragmatic, with strong business acumen and prides herself on building effective partnerships with senior stakeholders.

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Brie Richardson
Facilitation, Change and 
Improvement Guru

Brie has a focus on supporting people as they transition from current to future state.

Brie takes a creative and collaborative approach working with leadership and staff to deliver meaningful solutions, workshops and Brie favours a method agnostic approach drawing from her experience in Continuous Improvement, Change Management, Human Resources and Business Analysis to deliver tailored flexible outcomes.

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Linda Marin
Change Management and Communications Whizz

Linda believes in working smarter not harder. She has 20 years experience in helping organisation not only manage change but thrive because of it.

Linda is one of only 150 worldwide Prosci® Certified Advanced Instructors.
She helps clients achieve project outcomes by implementing smart change initiatives that achieve measurable outcomes. Linda takes a holistic approach that includes learning and development, social change, stakeholder engagement and change management.

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Mia Elliot

Mia Elliott
Facilitation, Coaching and Change Management Master

Mia has an uncanny knack of seeing present and future states, and how parts are interrelated. This helps her to mitigate risks and maximise results.

She understands impacts and works collaboratively to help people adopt and use the new systems and ways of working. Mia’s approach is people centred and outcome focused. She prides herself on developing effective relationships with all stakeholders to achieve results.

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Barry Denham

Barry Denham
Change Management Consultant and Executive Coach

Barry works with leaders, managers and staff at all levels to drive individual and collective performance improvement.

Barry’s consultancy and change management capability is built on a platform of business and leadership experience working with leading organisations in the public and private sector over 15 years. First as a commercial Solicitor, an educator, an environmental manager and now as a Consultant and Trusted Advisor.

Barry completed his advanced executive and team coaching training and accreditation with the respected Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership. He is a member of the International Coach Federation.

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JJ Wang
People Consultant and Change Analyst

JJ is solutions-focused – she craves the challenge of solving problems creatively and pragmatically.

She also loves helping people, being an accredited mediator and ESCI (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory) coach as well as a careers coach.

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Ivan Ho

Ivan Ho
Researcher, Data Analyst and Marketing Expert

A marketing and psychology graduate from Monash University who is currently studying Doctor of Philosophy in marketing.

Highly passionate and committed to conceptualizing empirical research, designing survey and questionnaire, and reporting and explaining findings.  Ivan has assisted in the analysis and reporting of culture data for a number of projects.

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Previous JOSTers

Lynne Preston
Senior Strategy, Change and
Communication Specialist

Lynne has held executive management, change and communication roles over a number of years.

She drives positive change by engaging all levels of the organisation with a clear vision of the value that transformation can deliver. With a background in journalism, Lynne has a knack for drawing out strategies and helping businesses tell compelling stories.

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Ellie Hedger

Ellie Hedger
Strategy, Organisational Design and
Change Guru

With over 15 years of organisational change and organisation design experience, Ellie has worked in Australia and Singapore, both as a consultant and in-house resource.

She’s always focusing on enabling employee potential and capability through optimising organisation design and managing change. Ellie believes that a focus on engagement, individuals and team development helps drive both performance and a productive work culture.

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The Collaborative Partners

The strength of our collaborative network means we partner with talented experts in a range of specialties:

Amber Brodecky
Managing Director, Comme Consulting

A specialist crisis and issues manager, Amber Brodecky is known as a trusted advisor and reputation manager.

With more than 15 years public sector experience, a broad working knowledge of the private sector and inter-organisational relationships; Amber’s experience spans the emergency management, regulation, infrastructure, health and environment sectors.

Amber held a key leadership role for the State of Victoria during Australia’s largest emergency, Black Saturday, for which she was awarded a National Emergency Medal by the Prime Minister.

She has a record of achievement in delivering integrated strategies and plans targeted at complex stakeholder and public issues, and led Australia’s first successful negotiations for all commercial radio stations to become emergency broadcasters.

Amber has assumed key roles on a wide range of independent government inquiries, and has held central and senior roles in response to a broad range of high profile events and emergencies.

She has worked across local, State and Federal governments, in multi-jurisdictional and national environments, closely with political offices and extensively with media.

Amber is a strong advocate for the importance of active and empowered communities and has engaged directly with hundreds of regional and metropolitan community members in emotive, robust and complex situations.

A leader and senior manager of large teams, Amber has an extensive network of successful relationships at the most senior levels.

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Sandy Hutchison
CEO, Career Money Life

Founder and Director of “Career Money Life”, Sandy is a true believer of empowering staff in a new world of work.

She’s passionate about people, women and diversity, and has over 25 years’ experience in the corporate world – having managed HR and employee initiatives across Australia and the Asia Pacific. Sandy works with us to share her insights and connect us in with her extensive network.

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Kate Pacalt-Shady
Founder, Marketing in Focus

Kate’s professional energy and attitude, high organisational skills, logical and lateral thinking, and warm and collaborative approach, is what separates Kate from others and recommends her as an extremely effective and valuable partner for your business.

Kate hits the ground running. She has the ability to digest the brief and get your organisation where it needs to go, efficiently. Kate grasps key business drivers and understands complex interactions which drive superior marketing performance. There are no cutting corners with Kate, her strategic work is highly focused, effective and thorough.

Kate has a reputation for being a strategic trouble shooter. She possesses experience across a variety of cross industry marketing disciplines, her expertise being in concept realisation, streamlining, strategic business development and market growth. Utilising various methods Kate will get rid of the grey, provide clarity on marketing and business priorities, identify emerging markets for sustainability and market growth, pinpoint any financial and operational impediments, and develop and implement effective marketing solutions. Kate will make your business thrive.

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The Masterminds

Even co-CEOs sometimes get stuck. We’ve backed ourselves up with a strategic advisory committee who keep the wheels turning and the pistons firing:

Dr Prasuna Reddy

With an inspiring background, and some seriously impressive accreditations to match, Prasuna is more than qualified to keep us on the right track.

She is a Visiting Professor in the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London; and Director of Australian Health Resources, an applied health and organisational development consultancy.

Prasuna recently completed the Women’s Leadership Program at Oxford University, the Corporate Director program at the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and an 8-month sabbatical in the Centre for Implementation Science, King’s College London.

She has an exceptionally strong history of executive leadership in both academic and health services organisational settings. Her previous and current roles as Executive Director of university research centres, non-executive director board positions, and senior leadership positions have strengthened her skills and experience in people management, strategy, policy, stakeholder engagement, financial management and organisational development. These include Director of Organisational Psychology professional programs at University of Melbourne, Clinical Professor at Deakin University School of Medicine, Professor and Director of Research at Flinders University Faculty of Medicine and Public Health, Professor and Director of a rural research centre at University of Newcastle Faculty of Medicine.

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Amy P profile pic

Amy Poynton

Amy is an expert in high performance teams, business management and transformation.

Over many years of working with diverse global teams, Amy has developed a way of leading, understanding and driving positive big business outcomes through outstanding business and stakeholder relationships and the sustained development of capable leaders and teams.

Her success is based on her holistic approach to thinking, problem solving and developing strong business capability in individuals and teams that best align with the corporate initiatives. Amy has over 30 years of combined experience in both business management and providing expert consulting & professional services. She has international experience in business management, customer relationship management and advisory services across ASX and Global top 10 companies and partnerships.  She has held senior leadership and partnership roles at Westpac, ANZ Bank, IBM, Ernst & Young (EY) and Rio Tinto.

She is also currently a director of Jaen Corp Pty Ltd, a family enterprise, and serves as a Non-Executive Director on Children’s Ground and Project Respect boards.

Qualifications and Memberships:

  • Masters of Business Administration, Monash University
  • Bachelor of Arts, California State University
  • Member of Melbourne Forum and Lyceum Club of Melbourne

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Mithran Doraisamy
Previous Advisor

We’re ever grateful to Mithran for his contribution to our company, helping JOST & Co. grow with his insights and invaluable advice.

He is a strategic and transformative leader, having driven significant revenue growth, efficacy, customer experience and efficiency improvement within large enterprises – in both executive and consulting roles. His impressive background includes roles as Senior Executive/Director at Telstra, Founding Partner of EY’s consulting practice and co-founder of the Monitor Group’s strategy consulting practice in Australia.

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Bell Creative

The Business Lifesavers

Then there’s stuff we’re just not experts in. Or even that good at….
For these things, these gun teams step in for us:

Red Crayon

Our super slick design crew

Bell Creative

Strategic Creative

Shabib Khan

Shabih Khan

Chief Financial Officer

Heather Nugent

Heather Nugent


Kristen Berriman

Kirsten Beriman